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Richard Branson’s offering stays on Necker Island

Have you ever wanted to walk in Sir Richard Branson’s shoes? What about a stroll on his private beach?

The business mogul is inviting people to visit Necker Island, his famous private island in the Caribbean. Sir Branson typically has friends and family stay during the holiday season or rents out the entire island for over $100,000.

But this year, Sir Branson and his team at Necker Island are expanding their offerings.

For stays from November 18-25 and December 11-20, rates start at $5,400 a night per room, while stays from December 20-26 start at $5,850. The island has a total of 24 rooms available to book.

“At Necker Island, we want every guest to leave feeling like they’ve discovered their own private slice of paradise – there is a level of exclusivity, personalization, and laidback luxury you won’t find anywhere else in the world,” James Basson, Necker Island’s general manager tells CNBC Make It.

A stay at Necker Island starts at $5,400/ night.

Necker Island by Virgin Limited Edition

The rate includes accommodations, all meals and drinks, return boat transfers from Virgin Gorda or Beef Island airports, water sports, children’s activities and more.

The only rule is that no departures are allowed on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.

“It’s one of the most cherished seasons of the year and allows more travelers the chance to celebrate the holidays in a way that’s as special as Necker Island itself,” Basson says.

The rate includes all meals and drinks, return boat tranfers from Necker Island,

Necker Island by Virgin Limited Edition

To add even more of an incentive, the staff on Necker Island will be offering guests bespoke holiday-themed experiences like “Get Grinched Beach Olympics,” a visit from Santa Claus, “The Nutcracker” themed balls and more.

Basson added the hope is these experiences will allow guests “to create special memories, the Necker Island way.”

On top of having adult-friendly activities, Necker Island will also offer experiences for children like guided wildlife interactions, pirate hat making and even cooking classes.

In 1976, Six years after starting the Virgin Group, Sir Branson, then 28, bought Necker Island for $120,000, according to a 2018 Bloomberg interview.

The local government allowed the sale, stipulating a resort be developed on the island within four years. Three years and $10 million later, Branson opened up Necker Island to guests.

Sir Branson bought Necker Island in the 70s for a reported $120,000.

Necker Island by Virgin Limited Edition

Celebrities who have stayed on the island in the past include Kate Winslet, former President Barack Obama, and First Lady Michelle Obama.

Representatives for Sir Branson did not immediately respond to CNBC Make It’s request for comment.

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