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Apple iPhone 14 Pro first look

iPhone 14

Sofia Pitt | CNBC

Apple just wrapped up its big iPhone event, where it announced a bunch of new products, including the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, two new iPhone Pro models and more. We quickly ran over to take a peek at the new iPhone 14 Pro to show you what it’s like.

As you can see above, it looks a lot like last year’s model from the back. But, there are some noteworthy changes. Unsurprisingly, the cameras are even better — Apple highlights camera improvements every year — and include a 48-megapixel sensor for even sharper photos and to let in more light.

The big changes are on the screen and inside. There’s new satellite connectivity, for example, which allows you to point the phone toward a satellite to send a message or call emergency services where you don’t have cellular service.

iPhone 14

Sofia Pitt | CNBC

The Pro also boasts an always-on display that lets you quickly peek at notifications, see what music is playing, track a flight, and more, without having to wake your screen up every time. You can just leave your phone on your desk and glance over whenever you want to see what’s going on. It’s similar to a feature that’s been on Android phones for years.

There’s also a new pill-shaped cutout that replaces the blank “notch” that had previously housed the camera and Face ID sensor. The camera and sensor are still there, just hidden. It can show you notifications or status updates, and even the album art of the song you’re playing. Here’s a peek:

The pill shaped box up top changes for notifications, music, sports scores and more.

Sofia Pitt | CNBC

It’s super small in person, so here’s a better look at what Apple showed during the event:

You can tap that pill to view the song you’re playing, or more information about a notification that’s in the space. Apple calls the feature “Dynamic Island” and says it will work with alarms, AirDrop, flight alerts, AirPod pairing and charging indications, notifications about the status of your Lyft ride and more.

iPhone 14 Pro

Sofia Pitt | CNBC

Other changes to the Pro, which starts at $999, include a new, faster A16 processor with improved graphics and car crash detection. The iPhone 14 Pro goes on sale Friday and arrives Sept. 16.

Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro

Sofia Pitt | CNBC



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