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Rapid7 is not a buy

Abbvie Inc: “I think the answer is that Abbvie, which we own big for our Charitable Trust, goes higher.”

NVIDIA Corp: “You have to buy it gingerly. Why? Because the sellers just come out of the woodwork every time the stock goes up. But I’m with [CEO] Jensen Huang. … I’m going to say, buy.”

Aegon NV: “I like Chubb more. These companies do very well at this particular moment in the cycle. I think you’re in a good one.”

American Airlines Group Inc: “Typically, I don’t recommend airlines, but at $12, that factors in nothing but depression and I do not think we are going to get depression. So, I’m going to say okay to that.”

Rapid7 Inc: “It doesn’t make money. … I’m not going for it.”

Coterra Energy Inc: “It is terrific. It’s down huge. Buy Coterra. … It’s an inexpensive stock with a giant dividend.”

Disclosure: Cramer’s Charitable Trust owns shares of Abbvie and NVIDIA.



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