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Seagate is not for this market

Seagate Technology Holdings PLC: “I don’t want you to buy any more, because it’s just not a high-quality enough stock during this period in the cycle. … It’s not for this market.”

Advanced Micro Devices Inc: “Advanced Micro’s already come down a great deal, and I have a very good feeling about the coming business cycles, not cycle, for what [CEO] Lisa Su is doing.”

Target Corp: “We’re going to think short-term, then we’re going to sell it. If we think longer-term, we’re going to make money. I’m in the money-making business, not in the selling business.”

Asana Inc: “I wasn’t crazy about that quarter. … The enterprise software market is not where I want to be.”

Disclaimer: Cramer’s Charitable Trust owns shares of AMD.

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