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There’s really no reason to recommend Snap here

Rhythm Pharmaceuticals: “Very interesting company. Does weight loss, but I’ve got a company that does weight loss and a lot of other things and it’s called Eli Lilly. It is owned by my Charitable Trust, and we talk about it a lot with the Investing Club.”

Snap: “I have no reason to buy Snap — it is losing money — other than the fact it’s a $10 stock. I can’t make that be the only reason why I recommend the stock.

Vista Outdoor: “You know, Vista Outdoor if you actually got rid of the guns — I am a hunter — if you got rid of the guns and had just all the other stuff, I think the stock would be higher because that’s the world we’re in. Not saying it’s a good world, bad world, but it is the world we’re in.”

Eagle Bulk Shipping: “All the bulk shippers have the same problem. They’ve got these giant yields, but I’m telling you, they are not worth it. I don’t like the risk. I don’t like the risk.”

Disclosure: Cramer’s Charitable Trust owns shares of LLY.

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