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I can’t recommend Simulations Plus

AT&T Inc: “That is a distinct hold. If it were $18, it’s a buy. If it was $23, it’s a sell.”

Tilray Brands Inc: “Tilray is a total spec of which I’m not going to bet against right now.”

Dow Inc: “If I wanted to buy 200 shares, I’d buy 100 here and then I’d wait until $45.”

Simulations Plus Inc: “They actually make money. … But it’s much too rich a stock for my taste, and I can’t there recommend it.”

C3.ai Inc: “That’s been one of the worst stocks in the market, and yet [CEO Tom Siebel], who started it, is one of the best. So, let’s get Tom on the show.”

Rio Tinto PLC: “People think that we’re going into a recession, and you’re supposed to sell Rio Tinto in a recession. I, on the other hand, want to … buy Rio Tinto right here.”



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