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I have no catalyst to recommend SoFi

Oasis Petroleum Inc: “Everybody hates oil so much, we’ve got to do more work. But I like the idea in principle.”

Cloudflare Inc: “I don’t like companies that aren’t making money, but I think [CEO] Matthew Prince should come on the show because they are doing so well.”

MP Materials Corp: “It has been a good stock to buy in the $20s and it’s almost there. May I suggest you do that.”

Dow Inc: “I think you buy it in the $40s.”

SoFi Technologies: “I do not understand it. It’s at $5. That makes no sense to me. … That said, I have no catalyst to recommend the stock.”

Danaos Corp: “I can’t recommend this stock.”

Disclosure: Cramer’s Charitable Trust owns shares of Disney and Morgan Stanley.



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