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I think Tesla is a decent situation

Ring Energy: “This is a small cap. It’s not a dice roll because it’s a legitimate company. I do prefer something that gives you that dividend because you know in the Investing Club, we bought Coterra. See, that is the better one. It’s got a good yield, 50% oil, 50% natural gas. … Coterra is the one to buy.”

Lantheus Holdings: “I was going to hit you with Danaher. That’s an Investing Club name. But I think that Lantheus is a really good idea.”

Kyndryl Holdings: “It’s an IBM reseller. I know that [CEO] Martin Schroeter would say it’s a lot more than that, but I’ve got to be conscious of the fact that the stock has not been that good. However, the stock does seem to be bottoming, and I think that Martin is shrewd enough to be able to take out some costs and get this thing rolling. So, $9 stock. It was up big today. It was up almost 10%. If it comes down a little, maybe you [take a little position].”

Antero Resources: “Antero is very, very cheap. I am saying … that Coterra has got that combination of dividend and growth that I like. It was misinterpreted on Friday when they reported. But Antero is very inexpensive, and I’m not going to say anything bad about it.”

Tesla: “Tesla has got the worst chart I’ve ever seen, and that’s what’s driving things. I am still a believer. People are very worried that [CEO Elon Musk] has to sell a lot of Tesla in order to be able to pay whatever he has to pay for Twitter. I say that Tesla is not cheap, but I’m not going to let the chart determine the fact that I think it’s a decent situation.”

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