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Matterport is not a buy

Matterport Inc: “The stock loses money, and we’re not recommending any stocks … that are losing money.”

Veru Inc: “We caught a big move. How about we just leave it at that.”

Cintas Corp: “I think [the Biden Administration] wants to be pro-business but doesn’t know how. So I can not be behind Cintas at 31 times earnings.”

HanesBrands Inc: “It sells at five times earnings, it’s got a 5% yield, I’ve got to do work on this. That seems too strange to me.”

ZIM Integrated Shipping Services Ltd: “I just think that ZIM, [which] looks to be a beneficiary of a lot of more commerce, is getting less commerce. So, therefore I don’t want to recommend the stock.”

BorgWarner Inc: “It isn’t as cheap as it looks, and so therefore I’m going to have to say buy Ford. That would be a better buy.”

Disclosure: Cramer’s Charitable Trust owns shares of Ford.



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